Well, hello!

My name is Oliver Lorton, welcome to my website!

I use this space to express my views on the world and web technologies, but secretly I hope nobody reads it. I write for myself.

I currently work for Oxa, before that the Dept. of Engineering Science at Oxford University, and before that I worked for a web app design agency. I use open source server technologies, to solve tricky problems. These days that means things like Linux, Python, Django, Flask, K8s, RabbitMQ, and PostgreSQL.

I love to hear from old friends and strangers. If you want to say "hi" or have something you want to publicly share with me, you can message me on the Mastodon, or if you would rather talk more privately you can reach me on email. It is lovely to get feedback.

Another reason to get in touch is because you want me to read your blog. If you send it to me, then I will read it, I promise.

If you actually want to read something of mine, here are a few suggestions:

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