Well, hello!

My name is Oliver Lorton. I am a software engineer at Oxford University. I write code using languages and frameworks such as Python, PHP, Django, Symfony, and Flask. I am also an experienced Linux server admin and enjoy learning about all aspects of CI/CD, hosting, securing, and maintaining cloud servers.

This is my personal website where I write about all sorts of things of interest to me. It may be that I have written something simply for my reference or because I am trying to put my thoughts in order. I find that writing is thinking and by writing something down I benefit from that process.

I have been slow to write anything here for a while. I hope for that to change and to use this space to document any personal projects that I work on and to continue the occasional rant about how the world is going down the drain, and how things were better in the good old days.

2020 has seen an increase in interest in personal websites, the indie web, and I have seen the term “digital garden” used a few times. I hate having watched what the internet has become over the last two decades and I plan to explore what these themes mean to me. This could be by writing about ideas or building an experimental feature - so you should expect things to break or be half-finished from time to time.

If you like something you read here, please do share it and let me know. It is lovely to get feedback.

If you’d like to get in touch with me then email is your best bet, oliverlorton@gmail.com. You can also find me on Twitter, but I am not particularly active there anymore.

Here are a couple of articles to get you started:

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