Watching the world burn

It is July, the weather is wet and cool here in the UK - but the rest of the world burns. Parts of Greece and North Africa are on fire. There are record-breaking temperatures all over the world including Europe, North America, and China. Greta Thunberg has been arrested again.

Whilst the papers complain about all our sports being mildly interrupted by Just Stop Oil, are the protesters the only sane people left on this planet?

In 2021, a survey found that three-quarters of adults in Great Britain worry about climate change, but the politicians do nothing?

What is the only sane response to all this inaction, insanity?

What should I do? What should WE do?

Should we march in the streets?

Should we disobey?

How should I vote? I hear no policies or political will to practically fix our broken planet.

How do I teach my Daughter to live in this crazy, crazy world? This world I love so much. With these crazy people who did nothing.

I did something though, I wrote a blog post, and that made all the difference.

We have one planet, there is no plan B.


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