Shouting in the wind

I have recently been thinking about what it means to have a presence online, and what (if anything) I want to do about it. Here are a few notes for my benefit, but I hope will help you think about this as well.

For several years now I have been promising myself that this will be the year that I write more on my blog. I never do though and I am curious as to why this is. I might manage a few months of activity, but that is it. I think I might need to stop making promises, reserve some time for myself, and devise a process for content creation that works for me. I'll make no more promises though.

As well as thinking about content creation, I am becoming more convinced that I am consuming other people's blogs sub-optimally.

Since I don't have comments enabled on this blog, I have no way of getting to know who reads this. If you want to, do get in touch and say hello. Do not worry though, I will not want too much social interaction!

Finally, I am not the only one thinking about some of these things: