Finishing projects

I love minimalism. I adore the Bauhaus asthetic. I enjoy reading and writing plain text files. I envy those that can throw out most of their belongings. But when it comes to writing software for pleasure, I cannot seem to embrace the MVP approach.

Having admitted that, I think it is really hard to do. I have seen colleagues and clients struggle with this as well. They have a desired feature list, and nothing is going to stop them from insisting that every feature is needed to launch their amazing application. That is until they realise how much it's going to cost. Then it seems that some of the features are more nice-to-haves. But, enough about other people, I cannot seem to finish any of my projects, and I want to fix that.

I have a new project that I want to start, several actually, so to be successful by my standards I need to understand what is going on. I have brainstormed a few possible causes and improvements I can make, and it sort of boils down to two main things:

Be brutally minimalist

Remove all the features/desires that are not needed to publish the website, app, or codebase. There should be one goal/feature. Build that, and that only. This means:

Be conscious about how productive you want to be

Everyone has a busy life, me included. I am not 20 anymore, and my carefree attitude to my time has gone and has been replaced by a family and house and a life that need my time. This means that every minute is sacred and must be spent wisely, so I should plan how I am going to spend my time so that my latest project gets completed and launched.

Final thoughts

Who knows if this approach will work. I will have to revisit this post to see what if any of these approaches helped.

As well as writing software, I wonder if I need a brutally minimalist approach to blogging. I want to write more here, this site is unloved.