Keyboard navigation in Sublime Text for column layouts

A year or so ago I switched from an IDE to Sublime Text for web development. During that time I have had urges to switch to Vim, which was the inspiration for Sublime. The main reason for this is to enourage me to use keyboard shortcuts for everything. I will probably never make that switch, I'm too lazy, so I suppose I should learn the Sublime shortcuts that still cause me to reach for the mouse.

First up we have managing column layouts using keyboard shortcuts. Since I generally use a massive 27 inch screen for coding I like to have two, or sometimes three files visible in column layout, in my Sublime window.

Now for the exercises.

Post-it to stick on my monitor:

That's easy, right? Now I need to force myself to use this, rather than reaching for the mouse. If you find learning keyboard shortcuts time consuming your might find the CheatSheet app useful.